California Psych - Big D.C. Rock

Rolling 1970's tones, 1990's energy, lots of pedals, waves of vocals, and prog folk weirdness into a Big Rock & Roll WALL OF SOUND...

Hometown Sounds Premieres FuzzQueen Debut Music Video

DC bands almost universally overlook the power of dressing up on stage. Wake up & take note! Let FuzzQueen show you how it’s done, with exotic costumes and makeup to compliment their distinctively rustic look. Their sound incorporates the strong songwriting of their Americana roots with fuzzed-out 90s guitar riffs. Erin, Chris and Ben are nomadic explorers of American rock music, with 70s psychedelia and 90s modern rock fueling the never ending road trip. - Hometown Sounds

Brightest Young Things Presents FuzzQueen Debut Single "Sailing Empty Tonight"

We had the pleasure of introducing Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray at this year’s Kingman Island Bluegrass and Folk Festival. The not bluegrass or folk band were the day’s highlight. A psychedelic approach to 70s rock, the band stood out. We bought t-shirts. The band is no more. FuzzQueen is the new project. The new band scratches the 90s rock itch. Erin Frisby has a strong voice, reminiscent of Heart’s Ann Wilson. The song is ready for the radio.”

Brightest Young Things

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FuzzQueen goes to Baltimore

Sidebar, Baltimore

with Legends of Et Cetera and Tigerer